3...2...1... LAUNCH!


OK, let's DO THIS.

This is the 3rd attempt at starting a movie blog in the last 12 hours. Tumblr is too slow and too frenetic for me (like a coked-out Myspace), and WordPress wanted me to read too much stuff before I started, so here I am.

I credit @Schofizzy for inspiring me to start a Tallyteer movie blog. Simply put, this blog will be the place I keep track of movies I've seen. I may even write about them. If you love movies, please check out his site and his Podcast: http://schofizzymoviereview.blogspot.com/. He's married with 4 kids, with a full-time job. H
is tally by the end of 2010 will be top 550(!) movies seen. If he can do it, what's my excuse, right? I have no idea how many I'll tally this year, but I hope to catch more than before.

Cheers and wish me luck.